Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Underground Issue 04

Let’s face it, during the holiday break, when you’re not sleeping, visiting friends and family, or sleeping some more — you’ll be eating. Get your forks, plates, and napkins ready!

Patisserie Royale

1801 Lawrence Avenue East Unit 91
If you promised yourself you’d try a non-generic holiday dessert this year, gourmet Middle-Eastern pastries are what you’re looking for. This place is known for its exceptional baklava, a thin-layered pastry, filled with squished nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey.

All pastries are made fresh every day and you can get your favourites if you call in and order them in advance.

Lamanna’s Bakery

6758 Kingston Road
This classic Italian style bakery/café is infamous among the tourists set. With special holiday season menus sporting clever and colourful designs, you’ll be salivating before you order your food.

While you may be able to find them at any Italian patisserie, canolis here are one of a kind and the bakery’s most popular feature (including a signature cappuccino).

Joe Maggiano’s Italian Eatery and Bar

2450 Sheppard Avenue East
You might have encountered this eatery during Toronto’s Winterlicious, since Joe Maggiano’s is one of the few Scarborough restaurants that participate in the annual event.

The best options are their seafood, fresh and well-cooked, or their exceptional steaks.

With new renovations and polite servers, the bar maintains a friendly and engaging atmosphere. It is also one of the few places with a perfect balance of quality, quantity and price. And be sure to bring your family for a hearty holiday brunch during the bar’s special weekend times.

Ten-Ichi Japanese Cuisine

4810 Sheppard Avenue East
Ten-Ichi is the place to go for a lot more than just crowd favourites like maki, sushi and tempuras. The taste is authentic, but the highlight is their diverse menu; you can customize your lunch.

You can choose any menu item for takeout and dinner. Bento boxes, for example, have a delicious assortment of rice, tempuras and more. Or if you want to play it safe, you can always go with your favourites, including unique lunch boxes (ex. sushi, sashimi, etc.).

If you’re on the go, grab yourself a bento box, or enjoy a dinner with a special someone in the restaurant’s intimate atmosphere.


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